The classroom has 9 student stations (one is not shown) and an Instructor's lecturn. Each student station has it's own table and a computer and a display (monitor). It shares a monitor with a neighboring station that shows what the instructor has displayed on their monitor. (See the closeup photograph below for the details). The instructor is aided by "coaches" who stand behind each pair of students to make sure the students are keeping up with the class and will help students that seem to be having problems.
  Typical Student Station  
The monitor on the left labeled "Instructor's Monitor" shows what is being displayed in the instructor's station.
The monitor on the right display what on the student's computer is doing. The keyboard and mouse control what the student's computer does. The text book to the left is supplied by DBCLC and is what the instructor uses to teach the class. Each student is given their own  textbook that they take with them to practice at home and use after the classes are over.
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